Can acupuncture help your pain? Physiotherapists in the UK can now offer western style acupuncture as part of their 'professional skills' as long as they have followed an accredited course and have appropriate insurance and licensing to practice. Jackie has recently updated her practice skills and is now offering acupucture as an adjunct to her treatments when required. What is the difference between Western Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture? In its simplest form Western style acupuncture uses the concept of energy ( qi) flow via the chinese meridians ( flow channels) through the stimulation of specific points around the body. The Western style does not include the holistic TCM approach involving pulse and tongue diagnosis of your symptoms. However,' western style' does have good science (evidence) support as proof of the release of neuro-transmitters ( chemicals like endorphins and encephalins) which are the bodies natural pain killers. This can happen locally at the site of the pain, along the route the nerve takes via spinal modulation and also in the cortical areas ( brain) which helps to regulate the descending pain response. Whilst Western style acupuncture does not have all the answers as to why TCM acupuncture works in many conditions it is using those proven which help especially with pain relief and subsequent healing. Is it painful? Initially there is a short sharp sensation, usually VERY short lived as the needle is inserted. Then your response can be varied as the needle is manipulated to stimulate the response (diqi). This can be experienced as a heaviness, pins and needles or tingling or a deep bruise sensation. However this is usually only whilst the needle is being stimulated and guided by you and the practitioner communicating. So the intensity of the response depends on the individual. If you are interested in a session please give Jackie a call and we can discuss your enquiry. Acupuncture is usually give as a treatment course as a one off does not usually give the full reponse. But please call for further information.

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