Steve Backley. World, European Champion and Olympic Medallist

Steve BackleyWhilst I was competing in many of the major championships and during training camps, I always found that Jackie’s understanding of my event being a former javelin thrower was an undeniable factor in assisting my recovery from the various niggles that are part and parcel of an international athletes day to day life. I vividly remember that she still retained the power of a thrower which she put to good use when I required joint manipulations and my regular soft tissue work! Thanks for the help, it was always appreciated.  
Steve Backley.

Tim Abeyi. 200m Welsh and GB sprinter.

Jackie is an extremely knowledgable Physio who understands the trials and tribulations of an athlete when they are injured or the frustrations when trying to rehab. She always gives you the encouragement and the motivation to succeed and asks for 100% as she gives this herself. I have found that her examination to detail especially regarding motor control, unparalled, when it comes to recovering from injury. I have always valued Jackie’s help after a full injury or when I have struggled with minor persistant niggles. She takes a whole body approach and leaves no stone unturned when trying to find the causes of the persistant problems.
Cheers Jack!

Rhys Williams
2006 400 hurdles European Bronze medallist
2006 4x400m relay Commonwealth Games Silver medallist

I would like to thank Jackie for her help and support especially during the Melbourne Commonwealth Games which proved an interesting time for me. I really needed a lot of physio support and appreciated all the efforts by Jackie and the medical team in getting me to the final.  I am sure that Jackie used all of her professional and personal experience  in a highly pressured setting. She helped me rationalise and face some difficult decisions which I had to make  both during my warm up to the final and after when I was so unwell.  Afterwards, I was so thankful that I was being looked after by such an experienced person who supported me both in my injury and emotional state. Athletes are not known for saying  a big thanks even though we do think it  but  Jack ‘THANKS’ it was much appreciated even in retrospect. We are so lucky to have such an experienced Physio in the Welsh team!

Sharon Heveran. Irish International High Jump Champion

I started athletics at the age of 8 then starting High Jump two years later. I have represented my country internationally since I was 15. I have been to numerous Junior and Senior Internationals in Europe including the European Cup. I also competed in the European Under 23’s in Hungry, where I finished 10th in the final. That season I was also selected for the World Student Games in Thailand.

During the 2006 season I suffered a severe ankle injury as a result of an unfortunate training accident. This resulted in my having to miss out on a portion of my competition season. An experienced Olympic coach advised me to see Jackie Zaslona about the injury. I went to see Jackie and not only did she fix the current injury, she managed to diagnose a previous recurring injury. After 3 months of rehabilitation and carefully arranged treatments my ankle was in perfect working order.

I have maintained the rehab and exercises that Jackie prescribed and have not had any ankle problems since. As a High Jumper having an ankle injury on my take off ankle is not acceptable, Jackie solved this problem.

With Jackie’s help I went on that season to jump a personal best and I did not have to pull out of any further competitions due to the ankle injury that had previously caused so many problems.

In 2008 I had another very severe ankle injury in my right ankle. This injury was career threatening, I struggled to walk for weeks having had grade 3 tears in the major ligaments of my ankle. Jackie was of course my first choice for treatment. Again Jackie carefully arranged appointments and progressed my rehab at a rate  I was capable of dealing with. Within two months I was back running from an injury which was previously predicted to end my high jump career!

With Jackie’s help I have been able to train and compete without the restraints of injury. I cannot thank her enough for her help and wise words in hard times.