Nick Topley Emeritus Professor Cardiff university

Jackie was recommended to me by my orthopaedic surgeon who was treating a chronic shoulder problem of many years standing. I had received repeated steroid injections that had only partially (and temporarily) relieved the symptoms. Right from the start it was clear that her knowledge of anatomy, sports injuries and their rehabilitation was outstanding. As a former International athlete herself and as a physiotherapist who has treated elite athletes regularly she is able to grasp immediately what was the problem and then using both manipulation and massage techniques and advising on the appropriate rehabilitation exercises (and in my case posture) address the issue at hand and allow a return to mobility and sporting activity.  I am now totally pain free, a testament to Jackie's skill and patience. The unique thing about Jackie is that she wants to understand the sport that is responsible for the damage so that she can address it from fundamental principles (wanting to know how the golf swing worked and then taking it up herself as an example). This is not a “quick-fix” (sports massage) this is planned, professional and clinically skilled holistic treatment that addresses, and in my case, remediates the original insult and dictates (and designs) life-style change to avoid recurrence. As my shoulder condition improved I was able to increase my activities and enjoy sport again. Inevitably as I pushed myself (too hard according to Jackie) other injuries occurred and required support, Jackie has managed me through a chronic elbow problem, exacerbated by osteoarthritis (and sadly that eventually required surgery) so that I can still play golf every week. I can say in all honesty, in my case, that a series of sessions with Jackie have been much more effective that most of the medical interventions and have allowed me to maintain a whole range of outdoor activities. It does not matter what the issue is, Jackie has likely seen it before or quickly figures it out based on her skill and clinical knowledge. I started cycling and had excruciating patella tendonitis, I thought my cycling days and dreams of doing a triathlon were over, in one session Jackie diagnosed and fixed the problem (my ankle mobility based on riding with a damaged pedal), I have had no knee pain since. I have recommended several people to Jackie’s care, they all give the same glowing recommendation of her services. As well as being an outstanding physiotherapist she is great company, it never feels like a consultation although the results have in my case been outstanding, I would never consider using anybody else.