Sharon Heveran. HJ Ireland: Athletics coach:

During the 2006 season I suffered a severe ankle injury as a result of an unfortunate training accident. This resulted in my having to miss out on a portion of my competition season. An experienced Olympic coach advised me to see Jackie Zaslona about the injury. I went to see Jackie and not only did she fix the current injury, she managed to diagnose a previous recurring injury. After 3 months of rehabilitation and carefully arranged treatments my ankle was in perfect working order. 

With Jackie’s help I went on that season to jump a personal best and I did not have to pull out of any further competitions due to the ankle injury that had previously caused so many problems.

In 2008 I also had another very severe ankle injury in my right. This injury was career threatening, I struggled to walk for weeks having had grade 3 tears in the major ligaments of my ankle.. Again Jackie carefully progressed my rehab at a rate I was capable of dealing with. Within two months I was back running from an injury which was previously predicted to end my high jump career!

With Jackie’s help I have been able to train and compete without the restraints of injury. I cannot thank her enough for her help and wise words in hard times.