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I saw this on facebook and thought it was worth a share...

Tendinopathy truth number 1: it does not improve with rest. The pain may settle, but returning to activity is often painful again, as rest does nothing to increase the tolerance of the tendon to load. So what can you do?

A cool study from Silbernagel et al. 2007 showed that you can safely continue some activity - like running - with achilles tendinopathy, by using a pain-monitoring model (see picture below). This did not demonstrate any negative effects and allowed some continued participation.


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24 hour pain behaviour after exercise seems to be more critical than exercise pain. Stable pain is OK, if increased pain a day later then decrease load. Modifying load is important in settling tendon pain, but tendons need to be loaded progressively so that they can develop greater tolerance to the load.

Future research must explore if this approach can be applied for different activities / sports and for other types of tendinopathy.

This great illustration was made by the RunningPhysio aka Tom Goom

Source Physio Netwrok post - facebook
Source Physio Netwrok post - facebook

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